Methods Of Teaching /Academics


Exam and Assesment

Assessment Pattern

For Classes Pre- Nur to Prep

No Formal Examination will be held only continuous Comprehensive assessment will be followed.
Class Assignment will be done
Observation will be based on communication skills, listening speaking, reading and writing skills and all round development.
Grades will be awarded               

Our Methodology

Young children are generally motivated to learn about everything. Unless they have been made fun of regularly, when investigating or presenting their knowledge, they usually have a strong desire to find out and share information.  Like any other educational institute, our  teachers are also the backbone of the entire school system. These teachers, young and experienced, are entitled with the task of educating children in their eating habits, reading skills, toilet habits, and developing their cognitive skills. While this aspect of teaching is clear to the parents at large, what is less understood on their part is how all this is sought to be done.

These various methods provide by  us in millennium kids school with an understanding of different styles of teaching, and fill up the gaps in our understanding of preschool education.

Playway Method

Millennium kids  believes that one of the best way of teaching a child is through taking up activities. The institutions rely heaving of activities such as role plays, virtual games, singing, free play and a lot more, to teach children. It is believed that such a method of learning brings exposure to the child in a friendly environment with no pressure at all. The focus is entirely on the needs of the child and the activities revolve around fulfilling such needs.

Reggio Emilia Method:

Another school of thought or method of teaching adopted is the Reggio Emilia Method. Evolved in Italy, inherently, this approach also believes in teaching through activities. How the approach differs in the type of activities and the core values it promotes. The approach believes in & is aimed at enabling the child to make their own place in society. It encourages communication with others, forming relationships, and promotes the child to wonder. The children are encouraged to communicate through music, art, dance, writing, and more. The parents are also involved in designing the curriculum and the entire progress of the child is recorded.

Waldorf Method:

Waldorf method is also another popular method of teaching evolved in Germany. The method focuses on enabling the child to grow through imagination. This school of thought believes in developing the ability of thinking and imagining among children. A child must be able to use their imagination and create through it. Thus, children are told stories, taken for walks, made to play games and create toys out of available material.


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